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2016 Dunnolly Estate Reserve Chardonnay


Alcohol 13.01%
F/TSO2 32/95ppm
pH 3.4
TA 5.4g/L
RS 1.6g/L
VA 0.26g/L


In 2016 we decided to take this wine to the next level.  In order to do this we hand harvested instead of our traditional machine harvesting method.  Once it got to the winery we pressed it using a slightly more gentle press cycle. 

We handled the free run as we have previously, by fermenting the juice in new French oak along with a small amount in stainless steel. The only difference is we allowed 10% of the batch to ferment with indigenous yeast as opposed to cultured yeasts.

It certainly became more exciting at blending time when all the different parcels moulded together into the beaker. These techniques are definitely the way forward for our Dunnolly Chardonnay.

The wine was stabilised and lightly fined before being bottled in February 2016.

Tasting notes:

As described above, using these different techniques have allowed the purity of our Chardonnay to shine through in the glass. The wine is showing greater complexity and more dimensions than its predecessors.

I describe this wine to be marmalade on buttery brioche toast with ripe apricots, passionfruit and a fine citrus line.  The acid is subtle and balanced against the viscosity of the palate.  The textured palate makes this wine enchanting and engaging. 

Food pairing: Living in New Zealand there is always the tendency to pair our Chardonnay with fresh local seafood.  It seems naturally drawn to shell fish like scallops and clams.  I think it’s due to the natural crunchy acidity and subtle citrus notes found in our Chardonnay.  

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2014 Dunnolly Estate Chardonnay:



Alcohol 12.80%
F/TSO2 31/103ppm
pH 3.4
TA 5.6g/L
RS 2.0g/L
VA 0.4g/L


Each Vintage we continue to produce an outstanding Chablis styled Chardonnay. The hint of lemon, mellow oak flavours, fine gravels on a limestone base. The 2014 Vintage was a Vignerons challenge - we enjoyed its challenge.  The fruit was harvested at night, lightly pressed and batch fermented in stainless steel and French oak barriques.

The wine was aged in lees for 10 months before the best portions were reserved and blended together to make the Dunnolly Family Estate Chardonnay 2014

Tasting notes:

Nicky Parish, Winemaker describes the palate as elegant and feminine.  The nose is enticed with tendrils of crème brulee, subtle guava and persimmon fruit.  The wine is lightly oaked, slightly textured which lingers to a long finish.

 Food pairing:  This wine is delicious with herb encrusted roast chicken and roast vegetable salad topped with crumbled feta and a lemony vinaigrette dressing – Scrummy.



2015 Dunnolly Estate Chardonnay



Alcohol 13.17%
F/TSO2 33/107ppm
pH 3.38
TA 7.1g/L
RS 2.5g/L
VA 0.4g/L


After a cold & wet spring in 2014 the fruit set we had a poor fruit set.  The extremely hot summer that followed enabled the fruit to ripen spectacularly given our wine concentration and richness.  Our Chardonnay style is modelled on the great Chablis’s that is produced in the “old world” and so it is a stark contrast to what dominates the wine scene in New Zealand and Australia for the last 20 years.  Making our wine in this style enables us to showcase the natural flavour and aroma profiles of the Chardonnay grape and also Waipara, New Zealand.

The fruit was harvested in April 2015 and lightly pressed.  Half of the free run was settled and racked to French Barriques and the other half was combined with the pressing and fermented in stainless steel with commercial yeast strain CY3079.  The barrels were inoculated with D47 & TXL.  The ferments were cool and slow helping preserve our lovely fruit aromas.  The barrel portion was put through MLF and then combined for blending with the stainless steel portion. 

The wine was stabilised and lightly fined before being bottled in March 2016.

Tasting notes:

Aromas of citrus and white nectarines that pop in the glass, we have matched this bouquet with toasty and warm French oak.  The wine shows great length and is balanced with the bursting fruit concentration and liveliness.  The wine has been textured by lees stirring each barrel every week and harmonised by its natural acidity.

Food pairing:  My favourite is Whitebait fritters with loads of lemon juice and a fresh green salad or served a cheese board with loads of gooey cheese and quince paste.


2014 Dunnolly Estate Pinot Noir



Alcohol 12.50%
F/TSO2 30/74ppm
pH 3.61
TA 6.3g/L
RS 1.8g/L
VA 0.6g/L



Our approach to winemaking is gentle and humble, we don’t have the largest of budgets so each decision needs to be made carefully.  We select the very best oak French barriques we can afford, our new oak programme is equivalent to around 12 to 14% for our total Pinot Noir production.  This enables the new oak to tame some of the larger tannins and allows the natural fruit to shine.

Hot summer days paired with cool evenings enabled our Pinot Noir vineyard to thrive in 2014.  The fruit was harvested in the cool of the morning, preserving the aroma, ripe tannins and stabilisation of colour.  After five days of cold soaking in small vats, the fruit was fermented in a controlled environment to ensure optimum concentration and flavour.  Post maturation and MLF occurred in French Barriques before blending in June 2015.

Tasting notes:

Spice and ripe cherries dominate the nose on this refined and elegant Waipara Valley Pinot Noir. The aroma of fresh plums, tobacco and cardamom are well balanced with the robust tannin structure that gives this wine body and a lot of soul.  The tannins from the portion of new oak balance the acidity and natural fruit sweetness.  The length is broad and lingers nicely. A true representation of Dunnolly Wine Estates – Enjoy!

The aim was a brutish Pinot Noir with a feminine twist and fortunately we nail this brief each year. Its tastes so good because we have allowed the vineyard to shine and kept the winemaking simple, pure and used very gentle handling approach.  It shows with each drop that this is a much loved wine.  I would agree that there is a tactile sensation when you drink our Pinot Noir, I think that is from the calcium in our limestone soils.  It gives the wine a sense of lusciousness and our point of difference.


Food pairing: 

A butterflied New Zealand Lamb marinated in fresh herbs that has been slowly cooked on the BBQ.  Fresh bread and a leafy green salad.  Devine!



2015 Dunnolly Estate Pinot Noir



Alcohol 13.40%
F/TSO2 29/77ppm
pH 3.72
TA 5.9g/L
RS 0.2g/L
VA 0.45g/L


The 2015 vintage was amazing.  The fruit quality was sensational but unfortunately the volume wasn’t there due to the reduced fruit set. 

Our Pinot Noir is traditionally more fruit forward on the nose and the palate is very generous.  This complexity comes from the Pinot Noir Clone 10/5 that is planted in the Main Block of our vineyard. 

We harvested in April 2015 in the early hours of the morning so we could keep our fruit cool.  After processing that the winery the fruit was cold soaked for 5 days only having a light plunge each morning.  On the 6th day we inoculated with RC212 and it took another 5 days to ferment.  During this time we plunged the tank 3 times per day.  The skins were pristine so I left the must macerating for a longer period of time before I pressed it off.  Total maceration time was approximately 28 days compared to the average of 21 days.  I think this maceration has added to the complexity, texture and to the depth in the palate

 Tasting notes:

Primary ripe fruit layered with cherries & black plums with hits of oak is subtle is what I can see on the nose.  There is a richness to this wine that adds to the elegance and femininity.  The texture on the palate is alluring and it is a wine that makes you think between sips.  The tannin structure is big but as time goes on this will become more silky and soft.  I would imagine that this wine will really hits it straps in two to three years.

Food pairing:  Roast Beef with garlic smashed potatoes and a fresh green salad would be the perfect meal to have with this wine.  A simple delicious meal that allows the wine to the shine.  I can’t wait for dinner!



 2016 Dunnolly Pinot Gris



Alcohol 13.70%
F/TSO2 35/97ppm
pH 3.51
TA 6.1g/L
RS 5.1g/L
VA 0.24g/L

 (Bottle shot to come!)


The fruit was harvested in the early evening over several days in early April.  The free run was kept and fermented separately from the pressings.  The yeast strains are my traditional Pinot Gris favourites of VL1 & Siha7.  Fermented slowly at low temperatures it was allowed to evolve to show its own personality.  The wines was blended in early June and we added 5% Gewurztraminer to gives the nose lifted floral notes and a more rounded palate. 


Tasting notes:

The 2016 Pinot Gris emits the quintessential aromas of white peach, pears with Turkish delight and effervescent candied lemon drops. The palate weight is rich and luscious with a slightly lubricated textured that is nicely balanced with the typical cool climate fresh acidity.  It tastes good because of the nicely balanced pH that gives smoothness to the palate.  There is also a small amount of RS in this wines that that has added to the palate weight. 

This wine is special as Waipara has been known until recently about its Pinot Gris and so there is a limited amount available.  The 2016 vintage was highly successful in New Zealand and it has produced many fine wines.  I am proud to be able to present this wine to you and your table.


Food pairing:

Any fresh seafood would complement this wine.  Also Spicy food like Thai or Indian would match perfectly.  My ultimate dish would be to have this wine with fresh barbequed New Zealand scallops that have been wrapped in bacon and served along with a watercress salad dressed with a light vinaigrette – Delicious!



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