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2016 Dunnolly Estate Reserve Chardonnay


Alcohol 13.01%
F/TSO2 32/95ppm
pH 3.4
TA 5.4g/L
RS 1.6g/L
VA 0.26g/L


In 2016 we decided to take this wine to the next level.  In order to do this we hand harvested instead of our traditional machine harvesting method.  Once it got to the winery we pressed it using a slightly more gentle press cycle. 

We handled the free run as we have previously, by fermenting the juice in new French oak along with a small amount in stainless steel. The only difference is we allowed 10% of the batch to ferment with indigenous yeast as opposed to cultured yeasts.

It certainly became more exciting at blending time when all the different parcels moulded together into the beaker. These techniques are definitely the way forward for our Dunnolly Chardonnay.

The wine was stabilised and lightly fined before being bottled in February 2016.

Tasting notes:

As described above, using these different techniques have allowed the purity of our Chardonnay to shine through in the glass. The wine is showing greater complexity and more dimensions than its predecessors.

I describe this wine to be marmalade on buttery brioche toast with ripe apricots, passionfruit and a fine citrus line.  The acid is subtle and balanced against the viscosity of the palate.  The textured palate makes this wine enchanting and engaging. 

Food pairing: Living in New Zealand there is always the tendency to pair our Chardonnay with fresh local seafood.  It seems naturally drawn to shell fish like scallops and clams.  I think it’s due to the natural crunchy acidity and subtle citrus notes found in our Chardonnay.  

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 2017 Dunnolly Estate Pinot Gris

Alcohol  13.83%
F/TSO2  28/111ppm
pH  3.45
TA  6.05g/L   
RS  4.8g/L   
VA  0.3g/L

 This is the second Pinot Gris produced by Dunnolly Estate Wines. The 2016 was such a hit with our American friends, we decided that it was time to let the Kiwis have a taste.  The fruit for this wine has been sourced from three different sites around North Canterbury.  This has enabled us to get concentration and a great deal of texture into the resulting wine.
Tasting notes:
Apricots, pears and Turkish delight are perceived in this aromatic wine.  The natural fruit sweetness is balanced with perfectly instinctive acid line that is expected from wines made in a cooler climate.  The palate is textural giving the wine’s composition depth, balance and intrigue.  

Food pairing: I can never go past pairing our Pinot Gris with freshly caught fish/seafood like pan fried Snapper or Salt & Pepper Squid. Served with a bright green salad and new potatoes (minted of course) ideal..

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Club Members: $14.50 / bottle

Non-club Members:  $19.35/bottle

2017 Dunnolly Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol  12.7%
F/TSO2  31/110ppm
pH  3.21
TA  7.2g/L   
RS  2.7g/L   
VA  0.21g/L








After a decade of living and making wine in Marlborough, Nicky has delivered apremium quintessential Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to launch under our Dunnolly Estate Label for the very first time. The fruit is sourced from parcels located throughout Marlborough giving this wine the complexity and its aromatic punch
Tasting notes:  This wine shows grassy, herbaceous tones mingled with tangy lemon & lime, edged by ripe pawpaw & passionfruit.  A deliciously full palate that is complimented with fine crunchy acidity and natural fruit sweetness.  These beautiful aromas are generous and linger on the palate – Enjoy!

Food pairing: Whitebait fritters with loads of lemon, a fresh fennel & pear salad with crumbed blue cheese - how devine!

Now available online:  Dunnolly Shop

Club Members: $13.50 / bottle

Non-club Members:  $18.95/bottle


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